1943 bombing of Sandhurst School killed 38 children and six teachers



Sandhurst School today conducted a commemoration ceremony on the 75th Anniversary of the German bombing of the school.

An ITV news crew was in attendance - so there may be an item broadcast on the local news today.


Heard some interesting information today about the august list of attendees, survivors, survivor families, witnesses and other members of the great and good who were present.

There was significant praise for the behaviour of the pupils of the schools as being excellent and the quality of singing from the choirs was of a very high standard.

The service was described as being very poignant and moving.

An additional and interesting fact emerged.

Theresa May’s father was the incumbent vicar of St Andrew’s Church when the bombing happened. An invite had been extended to the PM but she could not attend. Instead she took the time and care to send a hand-written note.

The PM would rarely get on my list of potential personalities of the month - but credit is due for this thoughtful action.