Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre - Save Our Centre!


Hi all!

The Abbotshall Road playing fields in Catford have been a base for our local community for over 10 years. The Corbett Residents’ Association along with Lewisham Council were instrumental in identifying an organisation to take over the management and lease of the fields and develop into what it is now, the Abbotshall Road Healthy Lifestyle Centre (HLC).

The HLC is hub for a wide range of facilities and activities including:
• Home ground for Lewisham Tigers Football Club for boys and girls and Carpe Diem Youth Football Club
• Weekly keep fit classes, yoga and stay and play activities for all age groups
• Truly Splendid vintage tea room
• Abbotshall community garden and urban wildlife garden
• Valued resource for local schools’ sports events
• Venue for the annual community fireworks display
• A place to hire for private parties and events for all ages across Catford South.

Unfortunately the current service providers are no longer able to run the centre and it is now at risk of closure.

With the aim of keeping the centre open and in community ownership, the Corbett Residents’ Association (since Jan 2018) has led a group of local residents and HLC staff, under the name of “The Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre Community Board”, to take over the management of the HLC.

Our group have now formalised themselves into a company which is to register as a charity. We are pleased to announce Lewisham Council have recognised this and agreed to give the Community Board a Management Agreement to take over the HLC for an interim period, but with a view to a long term relationship.

Over the next few months, we will be working in the community to identify the services that people would like and be willing to use at the HLC.

To help maintain our vision of running a sustainable centre with the community at its heart, the Community Board needs immediate funding and help from fellow residents and stakeholders in our community.

We need volunteers that can help us run the company, deliver community focused services and help promote the centre.

If you would like to get involved please contact:

We’re launching this crowdfund campaign to raise £5,000 to keep the HLC open and develop it for the benefit of our local community.**

Please spread the word through family and friends, HELP US RAISE FUNDS to SAVE OUR CENTRE!

Here is the link:

Any and all donations are hugely appreciated. Thank-you