About the Local Politics category

Political issues linked directly to Lewisham - involving our Council / Mayor / schools / hospitals etc.

Politicos Rules

The topics discussed within Politicos can sometimes get quite emotive, and so to keep things civil, we ask all members adhere to the following rules when posting;

  • Discuss the points not the people making them.
  • Avoid straw-man arguments.
  • Never assume malice.

Tea Breaks and Gardening Leave

When a topic gets particularly heated, a poster may inadvertently breach one of the above rules – where this happens, a moderator may ask the poster to take a voluntary Tea Break from the thread to calm down a little and collect their thoughts.

Where such requests are repeatedly ignored, or if it is felt that the poster has made a deliberate attack towards another forum member, then a period of enforced Gardening Leave from Politicos will be applied. The duration of any such Gardening Leave will be between 24 hours and 7 days depending on the severity and frequency of the infraction.

In the interest of transparency, a record of any applied Gardening Leave will be maintained here, along with an explanation for each action as and when they are applied.


Politicos is a contentious area of the site that may attract activists from outside the SE6 area. We may suspend accounts who are one or more of the following:

  • Anonymous accounts that get stuck into Politicos without significant involvement in the main forum
  • Accounts sharing IP addresses
  • Accounts with IP addresses outside the United Kingdom