Bell Green Gas Holders Demolition



Looks like the demolition could happen in a matter of days:



This planning application has been submitted for the demolition of the locally listed gas holders at Bell Green. … CAPR_94198

It has been declared by Lewisham Planning Department that they intend to review and revise how commentaries on planning applications will be considered from any adjacent geographic Civic Society. This review will embrace considerations such as what weight will be given to such commentaries received from Civic Societies in these circumstances when the submission does not pertain to the Societies’ own wards or area.

It should be understood that significant resolve exists to ensure that the Planning Department is appraised of the absence of consultation with Bellingham Ward residents on previous applications.

In all and any circumstances It is to be hoped that in this occasion any Civic Societies, both FOHSoc and SydSoc, should they elect to comment, will do so in the context of having fully engaged with and consulted Bellingham Ward residents.

At first glance this appears to be solely a demolition proposal, upon which the previous botched and perverse local listing decision has little or no bearing or weight upon SGN’s rights to demolish. Planning Officers previously reported that Lewisham has no funds available to compensate SGN for costs related to the retention and maintenance of redundant structures.

Furthermore, at this stage there is no restoration of traffic and parking benefits embedded in the Kier development.

It remains to be seen that post demolition whether such benefits will be restored in a subsequent development proposal.

It is time that this post industrial age redundant scrap iron structure be demolished and removed.

I had written to request that the agents for the rejected application recommend to their client that the demolition should proceed.

It is viewed with a measure of irony that the proposed demolition will commence on 9 April 2018 and be completed 4 days later.



Micheal from FOHSoc has notified us on that the planning application for demolition is not what it seems.

It is a “Prior notification of the demolition of the two existing gasholders and ancillary buildings at Bell Green SE26.” and as such notifications do not require a decision, de facto the stated operation to demolish therefore may proceed unhindered on the specified date

I have reservations about this interpretation…



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