How to get Verified



When you meet a member of the team in real life, we can mark your profile as “✓ Verified” - so other forum visitors know you’re a bona-fide Catfordian.

Benefits for Verified Members

  • Add trustworthiness to your online profile (which lends credibility to your reviews of businesses etc)
  • Gain access to the members “Lounge” category
  • Get additional powers on the site:
    • Send private messages to other users
    • Recategorise and rename any topic
    • Flagging a spam post immediately hides it
    • Create collaborative “wiki” posts that others can edit

How to get verified

To get verified, add a profile photo (preferably showing your face), then either:

Calling SE6 shops: be a Verification Venue

If you’re a local businesses and you’d be willing to verify members, please let us know. It’s an easy two-click process for staff, and will bring visibility for your business on, and bring customers through your doors.