‪Lewisham Council purchasing Catford land for the traveller community





The site is to the west of the railway line at the corner of Pool Court and Fordmill Road in the Catford area. To its north is the River Ravensbourne.

Who owns the land

The site is partly owned by us and Network Rail. If this site was chosen we would need to buy the land from Network Rail. We are currently talking to them about this.

Current use

It is currently in use as a scaffolding yard with access from Fordmill Road and open land to the rear of the Pool Court residential development. The open land is inaccessible to the public and is part of a designated nature conservation area along the River Pool Linear Park, together with the scaffolding site and railway siding.

Possible use as a site for the traveller community

The proposal is to use the land as a permanent traveller site for at least six residential pitches.

The average size of the pitches would be 500 square metres, including the space required for access and driveways. The traveller site would provide sufficient on-site parking for residents.

Vehicles would enter and exit the site from Fordmill Road. We assessed the site to confirm that there is enough space and road width for caravans and emergency vehicles.

The site is part of the River Pool Linear Park site of importance for nature conservation. This would need to be reviewed.

The existing scaffolding yard on the site would be given as much time as possible to find an alternative premises and we would help to find an alternative venue.

This site is at risk of flooding from the river, but we have looked at the flood risks associated with it and are satisfied that these can be addressed. If this site is chosen, we will carry out a further detailed assessment.

Development guidelines

These guidelines will ensure the right outcomes are achieved when the time comes to assess any planning application.

  • Vehicle access to and egress from the site should be via Fordmill Road only.
  • Along the Fordmill Road boundary, the design should provide a safe and welcoming entrance to the site, protect the privacy of residents on the site and create an attractive street frontage.
  • Along the Pool Court boundary, the amenity of existing neighbouring residents and the existing trees just outside the site should be safeguarded.
  • As many trees and mature vegetation as possible should be kept and integrated into the landscape design. Where possible additional trees should be planted along the Pool Court boundary.
  • Any works within eight metres of the River Pool will need an environmental permit from the Environment Agency. This part of the site should be designed and managed to enhance the river and take account of guidance in Lewisham Council’s River Corridor Improvement Plan supplementary planning document.
  • Any on-site external lighting should not cause disturbance to nearby residents or harm the biodiversity value of the site or adjoining land.

To respond, email: planning.policy@lewisham.gov.uk

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I think part 2 was the part where costs would be discussed?



The mayor should be made to come and live next door to the traveler site for 6 months a year - see if he’s so keen then.



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