Local carpenter criticism (poor services)


A few weeks ago I hired a local carpenter that goes with the name of “Klaus the carpenter” to do some work in the house. He is a tall man with long hairs and very friendly. He will convince you to deliver a high-quality job at a decent price and fairly quickly too. However, the reality would be quite the opposite of that. The quality of the job is very poor, in 2 out of 7 days needed for the job he asked more money because he realised that more supplies were needed. He will work from 9am until 1 pm to leave and come back the following day. On the 3rd day, I felt the urge to stop and ask him to leave.

The work done in 2 days was so terrible it had to be re-done from scratch.

All I am saying is…don’t let Klaus the carpenter do any work for you.
I tried to search for local reviews before hiring him for the job but I could not find any. I hope this post saves someone else some money.