Lost Cat - Thomas Lane, Catford SE6


Has anyone seen my cat? Apollo is a male brown spotted bengal just over a year old. He went missing on Wednesday 22nd August, not sure what time as I was out when it happened. I think he climbed out of the window and slipped off the ledge whilst trying to get to pigeons on my balcony. My flat faces onto Thomas Lane SE6 at the corner with Holbeach Road. There’s a balcony below mine which he may have fallen onto otherwise he might have fallen to the street below.

There was no sign of him when I got back in the evening so I have no idea where he went if he survived the fall. He wasn’t on the balcony below me but there is a way for him to get down from the balcony into the estate or Tesco car park below.

if anyone has seen him, please let me know - myself and his brother are missing him terribly.