New bakery: Cinnamon


Opening soon:

If anyone has more information, please do share here :+1:

Cinnamon new coffee shop near aldi
New cake and Patisserie Shop in Catford

So went to the new coffee shop today called cinnamon with my mum we go for a coffee once a week and usually go to Costa where we can pay anything between £8-£10 for 2 coffees and a cake to share so was happy when the total at cinnamon was only £6.50 and the cake was oh so much better all made on site and the taste was divine and the coffee was better as well a really nice smooth coffee taste not bitter at all


I have just seen a new Cake Shop near Aldi Store in Catford with hygiene rating 5.The lady who was serving did not have much knowledge about cake but I still bought one cake just for the purpose of quality check.
I was really amazing.
Value for money.


I went to this bakery on its first week, it was lovely, the cakes were appealing and very tasty. I decided to get a birthday cake for my daughter and In the last week, the products of the bakery have drastically changed; dry sponges in the cakes and the presentation is quite appalling. I am not sure if they have issues with the chefs but the shop and the lady serving is lovely and I am sure they are trying their best!