Personal Introductions



I’m Chris - the creator of this new forum for Catford, which soft-launched this evening (25th September).

I’m a software developer, and in my spare time I work on side-projects, like my online community for lending items within neighbourhoods.

Back in May 2016, I made a website - a community forum for my local area, Honor Oak and Forest Hill. grew into something I’m proud of. We have a membership in the thousands, 1200 visitors every day, a team of four great local moderators and 30,000 posts of wonderful community discussion, in just 18 months.

Two local shops have helped by “verifying” member profiles, an optional mark of trust that adds credibility to our reviews and debates.

Among our membership we’re pleased to have local shop keepers, councillors, policemen and women, train drivers, central government officials and a whole host of other residents with fascinating stories, careers and ideas for the area.

The forum has taken a life of its own, and it feels unstoppable.

I’ve been looking for neighbouring areas to branch out into, and I think Catford is the ideal spot for a new forum. It’s buzzing, changing at a frantic pace, and soon to host one of Lewisham’s most ambitious regeneration projects. It’s also the heart of Lewisham local government.

I’m looking for local tastemakers to help seed this forum with content which will set a positive, forward-looking tone for the site. I’ll then market the forum online and in the real world to help make it as buzzing and inclusive as possible.

Can’t wait to meet you :relaxed:

Do feel free to reply to this topic and introduce yourself.


Hello, I’m Ashanti. Lived studied and worked in catford my whole life. I’m a local entrepreneur who focuses on helping food business grow and thrive. Thanks for having me. I’m particularly intersted in the changes happening in this area and have plans to open a workspace and commercial kitchen in the area for local business. Happy to exchange ideas and support in anyway, thanks.


Hi @fem_foodpreneur and welcome to the forum! Great to have well-connected local entrepreneurs onboard. I have marked your profile as “verified” as I can see you have a popular linked Twitter account.


Thank you, happy to help in anyway.


Hi Chris & Ashanti.
Thanks for setting up this forum Chris, I live right on the border of se23/se6. I Find the se23 life forum incredibly useful and interesting - hope the se6 forum becomes equally well used… there’s so much happening and on the horizon in Catford, I’m sure I’m missing out on half of it so hoping this forum will change that - thank you!


Welcome! There really are a lot of good things happening in this area. Great to support.