River Pool Linear Park - rail footbridge now finished plus CCTV actually works!


As mentioned in the title, the footbridge at the end of Winsford Road part of the park has now been refurbished from it’s previous shocking state. No longer can you see through the rust holes to the rail tracks below. The local drug dealers who use it with such frequency will be very pleased.

Also, regarding the CCTV poles dotted throughout the park: We know of several people, ourselves included, who have contacted the council to get video footage for crimes and dog attacks etc over the last several years only to be told that they weren’t working.

Well it turns out that this was a lie. We saw a technician servicing one the other day and struck up a conversation with him. He told us that they do work but that he hears “we were told that they don’t work” all the time from people. Bearing in mind the amount of drug dealing and fly tipping that goes on right underneath one of them by the children’s play park, not to mention the occasional mugging that has occurred there, I am astounded that the council have refused to acknowledge that they would be invaluable in preventing or deterring such crime. Or provided footage when directly asked by victims of such crime or antisocial behaviour.

What are they there for at all if not for this?