The peculiar case of Ronnie the lost cat


A lost cat and a found cat, both with exactly the same photo? :thinking:


Hi Im his mom. On the day of the first found 9th April. He still came home. If u followed the twitter, i have lots of story and photos of him. Just simply he hasnt come home from the morning of 16th April 2018.
I called Shona and used her photo because I didnt have any clear photo to make a post.
Hope this clarifies. Just need my cat back home…


Thanks for the explanation and I hope your cat returns.


Apparently Ronnie has been fed by people locally. He only moved to SE in October last year. He is young and doesnt care what goes on around him. I noticed he has been sick sometimes. But I wasnt sure how he overeating. Until I learnt recently someone been offering food for him weeks well before he got missing.
I was told today if I want him to be a house cat. I should have keep him in door. Although he is such a friendly cat. And I feel bad to stop him go out with another cat. They usually stay in our garden…


Im bloody knackerd trying to prove to people I owned my cat. People asked me whether I have the chip number or I can provide more photos to prove he is my cat? Humanity is clearly doubts this crazy cat woman!